About Us

About Us

  Srinivas University, Mangalore, is a Private Research University in Mangalore, Karnataka, India established in 2013 by the Karnataka State Act. Srinivas University is the flagship of 18 Srinivas Group of Institutions started by A. Shama Rao Foundation, Mangalore, India, a private Charitable Trust founded in 1988 by an Eminent Chartered Accountant A. Raghavendra Rao. A. Shama Rao Foundation has started many professional colleges in Mangalore which include Srinivas Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center, Srinivas Institute of Dental Sciences, Srinivas Institute of Technology, Srinivas College of Pharmacy, Srinivas Institute of Nursing Sciences, A Shama Rao Nursing School, Srinivas Integrated Campus, Srinivas College of Hotel Management, Vijayalakshmi Institute of Hospitality Sciences, Srinivas First Grade College, Srinivas School of Engineering, Srinivas Institute of Management Studies, Srinivas College of Physiotherapy, Srinivas School of Business, Srinivas School of Management, Srinivas College of Education, Srinivas Institute of Social Work.

About Department

  College of Computer Science and Information Science is envisioned to other courses which would build the students into to enthusiastic quality professionals in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. The College is located in the heart of Mangalore City, connected with Central Railway Station others excellent learning atmosphere.Students are exposed to a variety of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that transform them into dynamic change agents who are able to make a difference by their presence wherever they are. Students from different parts of the country and regions who enroll in the college make it truly inclusive and multi-cultural. The college promotes research in relevant fields of Computer and Information Science also other Ph.D/D.Sc Programme in accordance with the regulations of the University

About Conference

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  The objective of ICETCST-2021 aspires to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, industry persons, and research scholars to exchange and contribute to their knowledge, experiences and research outcome on all phases of to Computer Science, Management & Social Sciences. The conference will feature traditional paper presentations as well as keynote speeches by prominent speakers who will focus on related state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of the conference.

  Now-a-days the academia and researchers are not only pondering but also experiencing the overwhelming outcomes of interdisciplinary researches. Moreover, it has been ubiquitously encouraged by the governments, research agencies and by the academic institutions. The intent behind the multidisciplinary international conference is to provide a common platform, where academia, delegates from industry and nominees from various Government and Private Universities and Institutions can sit together, and cherish about achievements so far, as well as deliberate upon futuristic approaches along with major bottlenecks.

  It also provides a premier inter-disciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Computer Science, Management & Social Sciences. In order to meet national and global challenges in technological arena, research is essential and a conference of this nature would act as a catalyst for the participants in search of technical advancement in their respective fields.

Advisory Committee

International Advisory Committee

  1. Dr.Jenn-Wei Lin – Fu Jen Catholic University,Taiwan
  2. Dr.Ting wen Huang – Texas A&M University at Qatar, Doha, Qatar.
  3. Dr.ChristosTroussas – University of Piraeus,Greece.
  4. Dr.Panchal Gajanan – National University of Singapore,Singapore.
  5. Dr.AdnaneLatif – Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco.
  6. Dr. Mohammad Faiz Liew Bin Abdullah – University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia,
  7. Dr.Ali Gharsallah – University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia.
  8. Dr. Attaur Rehman Khan – Sohar University,Oman.
  9. Dr.Aboul Ella Hassanien – Cairo University, Egypt.
  10. Dr.Josep M. Guerrero – Aalborg University,Denmark.
  11. Dr. MerihPalandöken – Katip Çelebi University,Turkey.
  12. Dr.Eduard Babulak – Liberty University, Lynchburg.
  13. Dr. Mohd Helmy AbdWahab – University Tun Hussein Onn,Malaysia.
  14. Dr.Mehdi Sookhak – Arizona State University, Tempe,USA.
  15. Dr.Mohamed Uvaze Ahamed – Qala University,Iraq.
  16. Dr.Vipul Jain – Victoria University,New Zealand.
  17. Dr.Lenin Anselm – Shinas College of Technology,Oman.
  18. Dr.Murugan Sivaram – Lebanese French University,Iraq
  19. Dr.LaithR.Flaih – Cihanuniversity,Iraq.
  20. Dr.Ved P Mishra – AmityUniversity,Dubai.
  21. Dr.Mohammed Elmogy – University of Lousiville,USA.
  22. Dr.Begona Garcia Zapirain – University of Deusto, Bilbao,Spain.
  23. Dr.Shaimaa Awadh Bahaa Deen – SalahaddinUniversity,Iraq.

National Advisory Committee

  1. Dr. Ashish Bagwari – Uttarakhand Technical University,India.
  2. Dr. Deepesh Kumar Srivastava – IIM,Shillong,India
  3. Dr.Khadar Nawaz – Sona Arts & Science College,Salem,India
  4. Dr.George Dharma Prakash – BharathidasanUniversity,Trichy,India
  5. Dr.Prince Mary – Satyabama University,Chennai,India
  6. Dr.Rajeswari – SRM University,India
  7. Dr.Kannadasan – VIT University,India
  8. Dr.Samarjeet Borah – Sikkim Manipal University,India
  9. Dr.T.P.Latchoumi – Vignan University,India
  10. Dr.Suresh C.k – Jain University,Bangalore,India.
  11. Dr.L.Arun Raj – B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University,India
  12. Dr.V.Suma – Daynada Sagar University,Bangalore,India
  13. Dr.M.Deva Brinda,AMET University – Chennai,India
  14. Dr.Laishram Jimmy – Manipur Technical University,Manipur,India
  15. Dr.Tanupriya Choudhury – University Of Petroleum & Energy Studies,India
  16. Dr.G.Venkatesan – Sastra University,India
  17. Dr.Nismo Roy – Christ University, Bangalore,India

Organizing Committee

All faculties of CCIS Department are also part of Organizing Committee

Chief Patron

Dr. CA. A. Raghavendra Rao

Chancellor, Srinivas University, Mangaluru

President, A. Shama Rao Foundation, Mangaluru


Dr. A. Srinivas Rao

Pro-Chancellor, Srinivas University, Mangaluru

Vice-President, A. Shama Rao Foundation, Mangaluru


Smt. Mitra S. Rao

Secretary, A. Shama Rao Foundation, Mangaluru

Conference Chairperson

Dr. P. S. Aithal

Vice Chancellor, Srinivas University, Mangaluru

Dean, CCIS

Prof. Subrahmanya Bhat

Computer Science and Information Science

Srinivas University, Mangaluru

Conference Convener

Dr. PS Nethravathi

Computer Science and Information Science

Srinivas University, Mangaluru

Conference Co-Convener

Dr. Krishna Prasad K.

Associate Professor -Computer Science and Information Science

Director- Computer Science Research Council Srinivas University, Mangaluru

TPC & Publication Chair

Dr. PK Paul

Executive Director (MCIS)

Asst. Professor (CIS)
Raiganj University
West Bengal, India

Conference Advisor

Dr. A. Jayanthila Devi

Professor-Computer Science and Information Science

Director–Industry Relations and International Research Collaborations,
Srinivas University, Mangaluru